External Security Lighting

External Security Lighting is an essential requirement of all home and commercial environments, which in turn helps reduce the risk of burglary at home or in work premises.

SBS Security has a wide range of products that they can install quickly and effectively, so please find below some of the products that we use for External Security Lighting Systems:


300W PIR Transmitter Floodlight


A 300 Watt floodlight which will transmit a signal to a compatible receiver, such as item TRS02RX, a wireless chime/alarm.

  • 433Mhz transmitter
  • LED transmit indicator
  • 12m PIR detection range
  • 110° PIR detection angle
  • Adjustable time on 5 secs to 12 mins
  • Adjustable lux level
  • IP44 Weatherproof rated
  • 300 Watt halogen lamp Supplied
  • F118 24 Watt CFL compatible
  • Additional switching for 1000 watt incandescent or 400 watt fluorescent
  • Dimensions: Height 275mm,Width 195mm,Depth 210mm.

100W 110° PIR Transmitter Lantern


A traditional style coach lantern for use with the Titan RS range of receivers,including the ever popular chime receiver.

  • 100 watt max. incandescent, 11 watt max CFL ES E27 cap (not supplied)
  • 12m 110° PIR detection
  • Black finish
  • Polycarbonate construction
  • IP44,outdoor rated
  • 230 volt
  • Dims:H 440mm, W 190mm, Stand Off 250mm

Chime/Alarm Receiver


A chime/alarm receiver for use with the Titan RS range of transmitters including the security outdoor PIR transmitter floodlight.

  • 433Mhz receiver
  • Battery operated-3 x 1.5v AA batteries supplied
  • Chime and alarm mode
  • High/low/off slider switch
  • Surface mount or free standing
  • Indoor IP21 rated
  • Dimensions:Height 130mm,Width 70mm,Depth 28mm

110 Degree External PIR Transmitter


A wireless battery operated security PIR sensor to control the Titan RS range of receiver lights and controllers. Ideal for where mains operation PIR sensors are not possible to install.

  • 433Mhz receiver
  • 70 metre range
  • Battery operated 2 x 1.5v AAA (supplied)
  • LED battery indicator
  • 12m PIR detection range
  • 110° PIR detection angle
  • Adjustable time on 5 secs to 12 mins
  • Anti – tamper switch
  • Weatherproof rated IP44

Dimmable Relay Receiver Unit


Dimmable wireless radio controlled receiver for use with the Titan RS range of transmitters, ideal for converting existing external lights to dimmable mood lighting.

  • 433Mhz receiver
  • Dimming capacity -300 watt incandescent, 1 amp max load.
  • LED power
  • IP21 indoor use
  • Dimensions:Height 58mm, Width 68mm, Stand Off 33mm
  • May be used in a weatherproof enclosure for external use

Wireless Wall Switch Transmitter


Wireless wall switch for use with the Titan RS range of receiver lights, ideal for controlling outdoor security lights without the hassle of extra wiring.

  • 433Mhz receiver
  • 70 metre range
  • LED on/off transmit indicator
  • IP21 indoor use only